Pain d’amandes, or almond thins (Belgium)

18 Nov


Today’s post is more of a footnote to my previous articles on Dandoy: pain à la grecque and speculoos. My very favorite biscuit is their pain d’amandes, or almond bread, literally translated into English. There is nothing bread-like about these wafer-thin biscuits, however. Made with a mixture of brown sugar and almonds, and according to one source I consulted, a hint of chicory, these pain d’amandes are deliciously crispy and not overly sweet: the almonds bring a slight nutty bitterness to the taste and and a nubbly texture that is most agreeable!


Sometimes the simplest pleasures can be the most enjoyable, and I enjoy snacking on a few of these mid-afternoon; in between various projects and errands, a small stack of pain d’amandes makes for a lovely break. Beware: they are like Pringles, once you pop, you can’t stop! While few people make homemade versions of the pain d’amandes, I’m pleased to announce that they are available throughout the world: the brand Jules Destrooper, one of the largest producers of Belgian cookies, exports these babies to 75 countries in the world!  What’s more, the pain d’amandes, known as almond thins to the English-speaking world, is their most popular product!

So go buy some almond thins today, wherever you are! Though purchasing these cookies in the supermarket might not have the same charm as ordering them at Dandoy, I can assure you that the Destrooper version is just as tasty.

Hmm, now that I write about these almond thins, I have a hankering for a few…. luckily I have a box of them sitting in my pantry. Served with a piping hot  floral green tea, the almond thins will make a perfect late-night snack. Talk about adaptability!



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