Tasty Address Book

Gérard Mulot's macarons.

Here’s where you’ll find useful addresses for delicious cakes, pastries, pies, you name it, as long as it is sweet. Most addresses relate to items I’ve spoken about in my blog. Others are either just places that I like or that I’ve been to recently. The list is not meant to be exhaustive –  and I’m open to suggestions if you have any good ideas.



Sadaharu Aoki,  35, rue de Vaugirard, Paris 6e

  • Delicious Japanese bakery. Lovely millefeuilles and delicate fusion desserts.

Boulangerie Lemarie-Chevalier, à l’angle de la rue de Rennes et de la rue des Mézières, Paris 6e

  • The best croissants aux amandes I’ve ever had.

Bovida, 36 rue de Montmartre, Paris 1er

  • Similar to Dehillerin, but a bit easier to find what you need in.

Dalloyau, 63 rue de Grenelle, Paris 7e

  • A luxury Parisian ‘traiteur,’ the pastries and macarons are excellent.

Davoli, 34 rue Cler, Paris 7e

  • The best Italian deli in Paris. Amazing, and I used to live around the corner.

Debauve et Gallais, rue des Saints-Pères, Paris 7e

  • The best chocolatier in the world, in my opinion. Formerly, the chocolatier of French royalty. Belgian chocolate, despite its reputation, just isn’t as good.

Dehillerin, 18 rue Coquillère, Paris 1er

  • THE place to go to buy kitchen equipment. If you can find it, as they have everything under the sun.

G Detou, 58 rue Tiquetonne, Paris 2e

  • The place to go for baking supplies: spices, chocolate, food coloring… Amazing!

Gérard Mulot, 76 rue de Seine, Paris 6e

  • My favorite Parisian pâtissier. Fabulous! Try his macarons, they are to die for, particularly the cassis-griotte, orange-cannelle and the caramel-beurre salé.

La Grande Epicérie du Bon Marché, rue de Sèvres, Paris 7e

  • The famous Parisian food-hall – my favorite grocery store in the world.

Noura, 27 Avenue Marceau, Paris 8e

  • My favorite place to go for Lebanese pastries. Very refined.

Pierre Hermé, 72 rue Bonaparte, Paris 6e (multiple locations)

  • The best macarons. Period.

Stohrer,  51, rue de Montorgueil, Paris 2e

  • One of the very best pâtisseries in Paris. Former pâtisserie of Louis XV.

Markets: rue Cler, rue Montorgueuil, rue Mouffetard.


Other French cities

Méert, 27 rue Esquemoise, Lille

  • Lovely bakery and tea salon in the heart of Lille. Home of Lille’s waffles, gaufrettes fourées.

Les Halles de Lyon, 102 cours Lafayette, Lyon 3e

  • A wonderful market in the food capital of France. Quenelles,  saucissons briochés, and above all the wonderful tarte aux pralines, mmmh.

Boulangerie J. Multari, rue Alphonse Kerr, Nice

  • Mentioned in my introduction, great bakery for Tourte de Blettes.

Fenocchio, place Rossetti, Nice

  • Best ice cream I’ve had. Better than the Parisian ice cream triumvirate: Berthillon, Amorino, Grom.



Mmmmh, chaussée de Charleroi, Brussels

  • the best kitchen and international foods store in Brussels. They also give lovely cooking courses.

Dandoy, rue au Beurre, Brussels

  • Brussels’ most famous producer of speculoos, pain d’amandes, massepain, spice bread. Delicious.

Frédéric Blondeel, quai au Briques, 24 Brussels

  • My favorite chocolatier in Belgium. Delicious.

Laurent Gerbeaud, 2, rue Ravenstein, Brussels

  • Another excellent chocolatier, very unusual creations.

Charli, rue Ste Catherine, Brussels

  • In a city that should be quite frankly ASHAMED of its terrible, terrible bakeries, Charli stands out as an excellent one. First-class viennoiseries and delicious bread.

L’arrière cuisine, rue des Grandes Carmes, Brussels

  • Delicious little tea salon serving homemade baked goods and candies.

Café Vaudeville, Galéries de la Reine, Brussels

  • A lovely little café serving heavenly gaufres de Bruxelles. Also, whenever you order coffee or hot chocolate, you get a free miniature chocolate mousse. Yum.

Markets: marché du Châtelain.


Olav’s Mattentaartenhuis, Brugstratt

  • One of the most famous makers of the mattentaart


Stone Manor

  • A mecca for British and American goods. Finally, Brussels’ answer to a quality international food hall!



Valvona and Crolla

  • One of the most famous Italian delis in the UK. Run by Mary Contini, famous chef and author.

New Haven
Claire’s Corner Copia, Chapel Street.

  • home of the Lithuanian Coffee Cake and other yummy treats.



Jean Talon market, rue Jean Talon.
Largest open-air market in North America. Excellent. Don’t go for the sweet stuff though, I find that pastries are too sweet in Montreal.

Le Canard Libéré, bld St Laurent.
Lovely little delicatessen serving local products. Really good poutine.


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